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The best Tweets from the Pat Burrell Live Tweet

Our man Pat the Bat is gone from manning the @Phillies Twitter like no man has ever manned it before. Nevertheless, #ChatWithPat had some good stuff.

Long-time readers of this blog know that I have a deep and abiding fascination with Pat Burrell, from my authorship of the award-winning Veteran Clubhouse Presence by Pat the Bat series to my poetic tour-de-force, "Burl," the parody of Allen Ginsberg's famous poem, "Howl."

Well dig this my people:

So we tucked our emergency $20 in our nylons, got out the baby oil, and Tweeted away. Below are some of the best exchanges. Unfortunately the best were one-way "exchanges" - and pretty PG.

As fellow TGPer Victor Filoromo put it in an email,

I imagine Pat sweating heavily seeing all of these questions coming in, wanting to answer them, held back by [Phillies PR/Communications Director] Bonnie Clark before morphing into the Hulk and answering all of them.

Yeah, pretty much this. I wish. It should have been at 11 p.m., and much more interactive. Would it kill anyone to throw us a double-entendre'd bone, especially (especially!) from The Bat?

Anyways, thanks for the laffs. Anyone heading to the park tomorrow night? ::rubs nipples::