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Reminder: The Good Phight Meetup TONIGHT

Come on out to Pat Burrell's Wall of Fame Induction and hang out with The Good Phight writers and readers.

"Chase, your wife likes the way my ring feels"--Pat Burrell
"Chase, your wife likes the way my ring feels"--Pat Burrell
Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Pat Burrell did not get a chance to answer all our burning questions during his Twitter hangout yesterday morning. Souces tell me that he wanted to--oh! did he ever want to--but the Phillies imposed their old white man morals and wouldn't allow him to answer anything but the most bland of questions.

In fact--and I have not been able to confirm this yet--Pat Burrell was not even answering your questions yesterday. After he attempted to answer a question about his teammates' wives, Bonnie Clark snuck up behind him and applied what was described as a damp rag to the area around Pat The Bat's nose and mouth. He spent the entirety of the half hour chat in a nearby closet as members of the Phillies Social Media cohort did the worst Pat Burrell imitation imaginable.

But that will not happen tonight! Pat Burrell will be given a microphone to speak to the thousands hundreds tens of people in attendance at Citizen's Bank Park. All in attendance will be able to confirm with their own eyes that Pat Burrell is indeed speaking to them. He will be live and uncensored. If this were held at World Cafe, your ticket would say "An Evening with Pat Burrell."

Among those in attendance will be myself, Wet Luzinski, Peter Lyons, and michaeljack. We'll all be congregating around Section 116. Wet and I have tickets toward the back of that section (row 32). As I noted in the original announcement I will be hanging out behind Section 116 before the game.

Pat the Bat is fired up and ready to spin some tales for all of us as the Phillies induct him into the Wall of Fame tonight. Come out and show your love for one of the most under-appreciated Phillies of my lifetime. You don't want to miss it!