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Jonathan Pettibone will undergo surgery, again

Christ, this poor kid.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

24-year-old Jonathan Pettibone will again undergo surgery before August due to problems with his right shoulder. Dr. Craig Morgan will operate on Pettibone July 22.

Pettibone was first promoted in 2013, making 18 starts for a team that was an entirely forgettable 73-89 mess, except for one month when we all thought Domonic Brown had broken through. He hadn't, but regardless, Pettibone through just over 100 innings that year, amounting a 4.04 ERA, 66 SO and 38 BB. He made it all the way to July, which is probably more than you can say for most of the fans, but then his rotator cuff [it doesn't really matter what the verb that follows is as most rotator cuff injuries are pretty serious or are treated seriously so as to avoid becoming worse, but anyway here's that verb I promised you] inflamed.

The Phillies shut him down and he was free to enjoy the merits of Philadelphia in the summer time.

Pettibone entered 2014 spring training with still more ugliness in his right shoulder, though he got an MRI and it didn't appear to be a structural thing. Still, though, when Cole Hamels went down, the Phillies yanked Pettibone back up to the majors, where he gave up nine runs in nine innings through two starts and was shuttled back to Lehigh Valley. It was there he was diagnosed with a SLAP tear (an injury to a section of cartilage that circles the shoulder joint) but shook off surgery, so the team pumped him full of cortisone and stood there to see what would happen. Eventually he went under Dr. James Andrews' knife and his season ended early again, this time in June.

When the sun rose on 2015, Pettibone was still on the DL, and, well, now we're here. He'd made 5 starts for Lehigh Valley this season, throwing 26.1 innings with 13 SO, 6 BB, and a 3.42 ERA.

You said it, JP.