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The Rollins and Kershaw Show: Phillies 0, Dodgers 5

Dingers and strikeouts, in sufficient quantity, are a solid winning strategy for most teams.

They see him Rollin, they hatin...
They see him Rollin, they hatin...
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Clayton Kershaw, who, despite not being an All-Star, isn't a terrible pitcher, stymied the potent Phillies' offense this evening, pitching a complete game shutout with 13 strikeouts. Meanwhile, his true-blue Dodgers teammate Jimmy Rollins rapped a double and a home run, driving in three, as the Dodgers crushed the Phillies.

Ok, that was mean. Kershaw is absolutely an All-Star, regardless of Bruce Bochy's whims, and Rollins will always be a Phillie, in our hearts, if not on paper. Still, Jimmy, this one hurt a little. I'd more happily be beaten by him than probably anyone else in baseball, but still.

The Phillies trusted in Adam Morgan, a Revolutionary War general who got trapped in an eighteenth century Philadelphia Experiment and is forced to lose baseball games until he can return to his people. Morgan only lasted four innings, allowing all five LA runs on six hits and a walk, and struck out one. All five runs, in fact all eight in his ML career now, have been via the long ball.

That should tell you something about Morgan, though I'm not sure exactly what that is.

The Phillies did manage eight scattered hits off Cy Young, but only managed two hits per inning in the sixth and seventh innings. In the sixth, Maikel Franco and Darin Ruf both singled, and were left stranded on second and third, respectively, after a wild pitch. And in the seventh, Freddy Glavis and Domonic Brown led off with singles, and died where they stood.

Morgan, for his part, was relieved by Hector Neris, Jake Diekman and Justin De Fratus, who combined to record six strikeouts, one walk and allowed three hits over the remaining four innings.

So then. With the loss, the Phils drop to 1-2 in this series, with the infinitely long snoozefest on Monday and yesterday's adventures in the wilderness. The final match is tomorrow, and, in hopes of a series split, the Phils are sending Severino Gonzalez to the hill against LA's Zac...


The final match is tomorrow, and in hopes of at least making it close, the Phils are sending Severino Gonzalez to the hill against LA's Zack Greinke. Which should be fun.

The Phillies are now 29-58 on the year, the only ML team that has yet to record 30 wins. But that's okay, though. The Phillies franchise didn't record it's 30th win until it's second year in existence. Thisisfine.firedog.jpg.

G'night folks. Some other poor fool will be staying up past their bedtime tomorrow, then I'll be joining you again where LIVE FROM SAN FRANCISCO, IT's okay that doesn't really work because only one is on Saturday, but I'll be joining you anyway for the Giants' series in San Fran. Stay tuned!