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TGP Radio Episode 10: Remembering Chase Utley

Chase Utley has been traded, and we are all sad. Come here me talk about it!

Hey, did you hear Chase Utley isn't a Philadelphia Phillie anymore? Yeah, you probably did. In fact, if you're on this site, I hope you've tasted a sampling of the many amazing pieces that are being written about the second-greatest baseball player in the 132 year history of the franchise.

As you might imagine, I talked quite a bit about it on the podcast this week.

Here's the rundown for this week's TGP Radio, most of which is very Utley-centric.

  • Breaking down the Utley trade.
  • Where Utley fits in Phillies history.
  • Where Utley fits in Philadelphia sports history.
  • Utley's Top 10 plays as a Phillie.
  • Utley's Hall of Fame chances
  • Interview with the Philadelphia Daily News' Ryan Lawrence about Maikel Franco's DL stint and his excellent piece on J.P. Crawford.
  • Twitter Mailbag
  • Stat of the Week

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