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Game 124 Open Thread: Phillies at Marlins

Sadly, this isn't the last time we'll see the Marlins in 2015

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

We're getting to the point in the season where any series could be the last time you face a particular team until 2016. This is not one of those series. The Phillies take on the Marlins in Miami once again a month from now, and then the Marlins come to Philadelphia for the last three games of the season.

We're also at the point in the season when writers and analysts will start bringing out their postseason predictions and looking at how smart/clairvoyant/stupid/naive they were back in March when they were made. The number of people who thought that this was Miami's year is going to be funny. I just couldn't see it. In the prediction episode of the Defensive Indifference podcast, I couldn't get my head around Miami going from almost-worst to first with the team they had. AND I WAS RIGHT.

Of course, I'd prefer them be just a little better than they are now, since I'd like to see the Phillies lock up that number one draft pick. But good news, the Phillies are facing the Mets after this, so there's a good chance the Phils will have a few more lopsided scores to add to the loss column.

But on to today's lineup!

Today's Lineups

Cesar Hernandez - 2B Dee Gordon - 2B
Andres Blanco - 3B Martin Prado - 3B
Aaron Altherr - LF Derek Dietrich - LF
Jeff Francoeur - RF Justin Bour - 1B
Darin Ruf - 1B Marcell Ozuna - CF
Darnell Sweeney - CF Cole Gillespie - RF
Freddy Galvis - SS Adeiny Hechavarria - SS
Cameron Rupp - C Jeff Mathis - C
Aaron Nola - RHP Adam Conley - LHP

Darnell Sweeney gets his first start, subbing for Odubel Herrera in center. Looking at these lineups, devoid of Ryan Howard and Carlos Ruiz (and Chase Utley, sob), is a little strange. So much youth! And Darin Ruf and Jeff Francoeur are also there. Ruf is 29 and cannot be included in the "youth" category, because by baseball standards, he is not young or youthful. He's 29. I don't want to see Ruf with the team next year. But I do want to see Jeff Francoeur. YUP. I SAID IT.

Discuss the game in the comments below.