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Phillies TGP Radio Episode 11: w/ Sirius XM's Mike Ferrin

This week, John Stolnis talks with Sirius XM's Mike Ferrin about the Phils-Mets four-game slaughter, the unwritten rules in baseball and other items from around the league.

The Phillies and Mets just wrapped up a scintillating series in which New York essentially carved the Phils' hearts out with a spoon and then fed it to them. It was an ugly four-game sweep at the hands of the Mets in Philadelphia, with one game harder to watch than the next.

This week, I talked with Sirius XM's Mike Ferrin about the quick-pitch incident on Tuesday night between the Phils and Mets and some other "unwritten rules" in baseball, as well as other topics from around the Majors.

Here's the full rundown for this week's TGP Radio.

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