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Welcome Back Jimmy Rollins!

One of the most anticipated dates on the Phillies calendar has arrived.

That smile!
That smile!
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

I woke my sons up this morning saying "It's Jimmy Rollins Day!"  My younger, now 7, responded, "Daddy, is it a national holiday?"

It isn't, but it should be.

When the season started, given what we expected of the Phillies this year, today was probably the most anticipated day on the schedule - the day Jimmy Rollins, the best shortstop in Phillies history, by far, returns to Philadelphia.  Unfortunately for me, I have a work commitment to go to this evening, so I can't be there, but my kids are going with my parents.  Lucky them.

Here's what I hope for tonight:

  • Citizens Bank Park is sold out.
  • Jimmy gets hits in every at-bat, including a Henderson (a home run to lead off the game).
  • Jimmy fields flawlessly, including at least one spectacular play.
  • The fans cheer Jimmy wildly every time he's on the field.
  • The Phillies win.
There is a pre-game ceremony honoring Jimmy, which is the 100% right thing for the Phillies to do.  I really wish I could be there.  I hope 45,000 Philadelphians are there in my place tonight.

Welcome back Jimmy.  We miss you!