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It's the Late Show with Aaron Nola: Phils 4, Pads 3

The Phils rebounded from a shaky start by the young future Cy Young winner to win 4-3.

Really? Four home runs? Are you kidding me?
Really? Four home runs? Are you kidding me?
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

When Big Game James Shields threw his first pitch tonight, it was actually yesterday.

Ok, not really, but this was a late game that ran long because those dang Phillies just don't know how to lose any more. Aaron Nola, one of the bright spots behind this second-half renaissance, was, if not bad, then certainly not good. Nola was tagged for three runs in six innings, walking two, with six hits and six strikeouts. Which, you know, is good for a Quality Start. So.

Of course, a QS is not especially meaningful.

For his part, Quality Start James was similarly beat up on, allowing six hits, a walk and three runs through 6.2 innings, with eight strikeouts.

The Phillies' offense was, strangely, driven entirely by home runs. Entirely.

Dom Brown hit a solo shot in the fourth, an inning after erroring a fly ball into a triple.

Ryan Howard homered in the sixth. Cody Asche homered in the seventh, tying the score and chasing Shields. And Cameron Rupp homered in the 12th with what would ultimately be the winning run.

Tonight is, for reference, only the fifth time since 1914 that the Phillies have scored four or more runs all on solo home runs. Go figure. #Cantpredictball.

Also worth noting, mild mannered Bob McClure was ejected in the fifth inning, for having the nerve, the gall! to point out to Mike Edmonds Estabrook  (h/t to SCR3) that his strikezone, well, his strikezone was horseshit.

Mike Edmonds, your strikezone was horseshit. Not just against the Phils, either. Horseshit all around.

Also also, Chase Utley made his return to the lineup, batting leadoff for only the third time in his career. He went one for five. *sad face*

Anyway, tonight's win pushes the Phillies into a tie for fourth place in the NL East with the hapless Marlins, at 43-67. Since the All-Star break, now, they are 14-5, which is the best record in the National League. That should tell you something, though I'm not sure exactly what.

We go for the series win tomorrow night against San Diego, sending Super Sleepy Pants Morgan to the hill against Tyson Ross.