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Game 133 Open Thread: Phillies at Mets

Please stop losing.

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Another day, another game against the Mets.

I was going to get really really angry at the Phillies in the game thread today. I had it all planned out! And then I realized that life is short and happiness is fleeting. So instead of getting angry, I decided to watch vintage Sesame Street videos on YouTube. Do you want to see a few? Of course you do!

This is my absolute all-time favorite Sesame Street bit. As a kid, I thought it was hilarious. And as an adult, I still think it's hilarious. There is nothing not to love! Ernie -- and his rubber duckie! -- play the bugle while a bunch of sheep dance around and carry out Bert's bed -- with Bert still in it!

If you hate this, we need to have a serious conversation about why you hate awesomeness.

There are 30 games left in the 2015 season. And I'm going to embed a vintage Sesame Street video in each and every game thread from now through 162. Why? Because there are 30 games left and I've done so many game threads this season and we all need a little childlike, nostalgic joy in our lives.

I can't abandon baseball entirely, of course. Here are tonight's lineups:

Today's Lineups

Darnell Sweeney - CF Curtis Granderson - RF
Cesar Hernandez - 2B Yoenis Cespedes - CF
Aaron Altherr - LF Daniel Murphy - 2B
Jeff Francoeur - RF David Wright - 3B
Darin Ruf - 1B Michael Conforto - LF
Andres Blanco - 3B Michael Cuddyer - 1B
Carlos Ruiz - C Travis d'Arnaud - C
Freddy Galvis - SS Ruben Tejada - SS
Aaron Harang - RHP Jon Niese - LHP

Please win, Phillies. Imagine how much Sesame Street I'll have to watch if you don't.

Discuss the game in the comments below.