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Watch Ruben Amaro's farewell press conference

This press conference may or may not star Ruben Amaro, but It's farewell nonetheless.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Today at 3pm the Phillies are holding a press conference to discuss the BOMBSHELL RUBEN AMARO NEWS. Amaro won't be continuing on as GM past this season -- in fact, he's out effective immediately!

I'm calling this a farewell press conference because that's what is is. Regardless of whether or not Amaro is actually there for people to say goodbye to, everyone is saying goodbye. Whether it's tinged with sadness, anger, or glee (all three opinions will be represented on this site in the coming days and weeks), it's time to do it. And that the new front office didn't waste any time can only be a positive thing -- they're not content to sit on their hands and wait until the actual end of the season. The season's been symbolically over for awhile now, and so they're forging ahead.

Now, we get the chance to watch the new leader of the organization (Andy MacPhail) and the new face of the ownership group (John Middleton) actually start the journey back to BASEBALL DOMINANCE. I'm unreasonably excited.