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Game 142 Open Thread: Cubs at Phillies

Game 2 of 2, and boy are my arms tired.

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

This is the last game tonight, right? They're not going to try and squeeze in another one? I wouldn't put it past them. I love baseball, but 18 innings of these Phillies is testing me.

Two games means two Sesame Street clips!

The Yip Yips are amazing genius creations of marvelousness. When they get scared, they use their chins as protection. And when they imitate the phone ringing... it's just sublime. I'm going to watch this one a hundred times in a row now.

To relate this to sports, I would love it if a minor league team used the Yip Yips as a special jersey.

I'd post a lineup here, but the widget isn't letting me. So your Cubs starter is Kyle Hendricks, and your Phillies starter is Alec Asher. May god be with him.

Discuss the game, already in progress, in the comments below.