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TGP Radio Episode 13: The Phils' future lies in Reading

On this week's edition of TGP Radio, John Stolnis talks to Liz Roscher about Jonathan Papelbon, the Phils' social media improvements and the departure of Ruben Amaro. He also interviews radio play-by-play man Michael Ventola of the Reading Fightin' Phillies about the Phils' incredible Double-A squad.

The season is almost over everybody. Pretty soon, we'll be all done with Phillies baseball. And perhaps that is not a bad thing.

As the team continues its race to the bottom of the standings, I spoke this week with the radio play-by-play man of the Phils' Double-A squad, the Reading Fightin' Phils, who are battling for the Eastern League championship. Also joining the podcast this week, our very own Liz Roscher with her thoughts on the idiotic comments made this week by Jonathan Papelbon, an improving Phils social media effort, and the future of the Phillies without Ruben Amaro.

Episode #13:

  • 0:01 - Opening Theme
  • 2:00 - The race to the bottom, the battle for the #1 draft pick.
  • 2:30 - Race for the #1 pick a two-team race between the Braves and Phils
  • 3:29 - Braves and Phils' most recent No.1 overall picks
  • 3:40 - Phils and Braves play important 3-game series this weekend
  • 4:16 - Why the Braves might have the edge over the Phils for best record
  • 4:30 - Braves play Cardinals in final series of the season which could determine worst record
  • 5:20 - Why it's no fun to root for your team to lose.
  • 6:33 - Interview with radio play-by-play announcer Michael Ventola on the Reading Fightin' Phils
  • 7:20 - I reminisce about my time working in Reading for WEEU
  • 8:06 - Was Reading's success a product of the Hamels trade or were they good all year?
  • 9:50 - Jake Thompson, what is his ceiling?
  • 11:30 - Is Zach Eflin a legitimate Major League prospect?
  • 13:44 - Thoughts on starter Ben Lively
  • 15:09 - What has happened to Jesse Biddle?
  • 16:42 - How special is J.P. Crawford?
  • 18:42 - The arrival of Nick Williams from Texas
  • 20:28 - Andrew Knapp's ridiculous offensive season, is his defense good enough to make him a real prospect?
  • 23:00 - Kelly Dugan... needs to hit with more power.
  • 24:20 - Update on Roman Quinn... Ventola says he's the fastest player he's ever seen.
  • 27:42 - Interview with The Good Phight's Liz Roscher
  • 28:26 - Doing the recaps of a horrible team is a living nightmare
  • 29:37 - Jonathan Papelbon's idiotic comments... they were really stupid
  • 32:09 - Contrary to what Papelbon says, you can't simply buy a winning team anymore.
  • 33:20 - Was Papelbon's blown save against the Phils this week the second-best moment for the Phils this year?
  • 35:21 - Is the Phillies social media team getting better? The Pope baseball card is awesome.
  • 38:41 - Phils' social media improving at the perfect time.
  • 39:37 - Phils' Twitter following is larger than you think.
  • 40:45 - Ruben Amaros' dismissal... the right move.
  • 42:00 - Can Amaro get a job in baseball somewhere else?
  • 42:27 - Amaro has a future in TV if he can't get a baseball gig.
  • 44:09 - Phils turning the page and it's the right thing to do.
  • 48:50 - Phillies are in for a really exciting off-season, new GM, manager and potential free agent deals
  • 50:28 - STAT OF THE WEEK

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