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Game 139 Open Thread: Braves at Phillies

Is there a word that means "beyond underwhelming?"

Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Last night was thoroughly underwhelming in terms of both attendance and the quality of baseball played. The Phillies helped the Braves end their 11-game losing streak by losing 7-3. But on the bright side, that loss put another game between the two worst teams in baseball, giving the Phillies a two-game lead for the first draft pick. I don't love that bright side, but it's the only one we've got. They also played in front of the smallest crowd in Citizens Bank Park history. That is not the kind of history any team wants to make.

But now for something that's the opposite of the previous paragraph, today's vintage Sesame Street clip.

I can't remember the first time I saw this segment on Sesame Street, but I must have been very young. Every time I watch it and I hear that marvelous harpsichord solo, I feel like a kid again. It's still so insanely fun to watch. That moment when the crayons appear out of the mold is still really exciting, and when all those orange crayons are stacked together makes me want to grab them all and draw orange designs on everything in my house. I used to think the very beginning was lame, but now when I watch it I keep hoping the kid who holds up the crayon will change her mind and shove it up her nose at the last second.

That clip is so awesome I don't even care about the entire first paragraph anymore. Now there's just crayons, and tonight's lineup.

Today's Lineups

Nick Markakis - RF Cesar Hernandez - 2B
Hector Olivera - 3B Odubel Herrera - CF
Freddie Freeman - 1B Aaron Altherr - RF
A.J. Pierzynski - C Ryan Howard - 1B
Nick Swisher - LF Andres Blanco - SS
Jace Peterson - 2B Brian Bogusevic - LF
Andrelton Simmons - SS Cameron Rupp - C
Michael Bourn - CF Cody Asche - 3B
Ryan Weber - RHP Aaron Nola - RHP

It's Nola night, everybody! And Brian Bogusevic's pinch-hit home run last night earned him a start in left field tonight. No matter how the game ends tonight, I can find a bright side. Or at the very least I can watch that clip of crayons eighteen thousand times.

Discuss the game in the comments below.