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Phillies, Freddy Galvis agree to one-year contract

The Phillies are one step closer to being an entire ball team.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Four years ago, it was announced that Chase Utley would be too hurt or handsome or something to be the Phillies' Opening Day second baseman. Utley's health had become a seasonal concern every spring for the past few years, but his absence would hardly be the worst thing to occur in 2012. Fortunately, a 22-year-old Freddy Galvis was ready to step up.

And up Galvis stepped, eventually. Did he need until the fifth game of the season to log his first major league hit? Yes he did.

Since then, the offensive side of his game has been exactly what you'd think it would be, slashing .241/.282/.352 in four years as a Phillie. He once hit a walkoff home run off Aroldis Chapman! But he also once hit .176 for all of 2014 (in 43 G). Obviously, defense was deemed the central point of his game, but even that began to suffer.

Still, though, Todd Zolecki is hinting that the Phillies and Galvis have avoided arbitration and agreed to a one-year deal.

Galvis' career has been a series of stitched-together one-year deals worth about $500,000, so this is a bit of an upgrade for the 26-year-old. He saw the most playing time of his big league career last season, playing in 151 games - he can play most infield positions - and the Phillies need all the able-bodied infielders they can get while they wait for the cavalry of prospects to arrive at some point.