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Justin Upton, Yoenis Cespedes and the Phils. TGP Radio Episode 31!

Should the Phillies sign Justin Upton? And how does Fangraphs project the Phils in 2016? The Sporting News' Jesse Spector joins host John Stolnis for that. Also, Fangraphs' Legal Analyst Nathaniel Grow is on to talk about a court case that could drastically change the way you watch baseball.

The entire sport of baseball wants the Phillies to sign someone. Anyone.

This week, Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal ruminated that the Phils might be interested in free agent outfielder Justin Upton, should his price come down. Would that be a smart move? What about a one-year deal for Upton or Yoenis Cespedes?

Jesse Spector of The Sporting News joins us to talk about that, Fangraphs' latest projections for the 2016 season, and other items from around the league. Also, Fangraphs' legal analyst Nathaniel Grow has more on a little talked-about court case that could impact how you watch baseball.

Also this week:

1. Justin Upton and the Phillies

  • Why would he come here?
  • What about a one-year deal?
  • Why Yoenis Cespedes makes more sense on a one-year deal than Upton.

2. Phillies make significant changes to the front office.

  • What does it mean?
  • Who is going where?

3. Interview with Jesse Spector

  • Why he think the Phils should sign Upton to a long-term deal.
  • The Bobby Bonilla All-Stars
  • Fangraphs' 2016 projections

4. Interview with Nathaniel Grow

  • Plaintiffs challenge baseball's current broadcasting policy
  • Should teams be allowed to compete in other teams' markets?
  • What is MLB's argument?

What it means for you, the Phillies fan.

5. Salary Arbitration

  • Freddy Galvis signs
  • Jeremy Hellickson & Jeanmar Gomez up next


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