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Watch the Phillies young players news conference

If you need a Phillies baseball fix, you can get it with the news conference today.

Oh man, what a smile.
Oh man, what a smile.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

As part of their #BackInTown week of fan events (which include the IronPigs Winter Banquet tomorrow night), the Phillies are holding a news conference today. But it's not just any old news conference! Manager Pete "Silver Fox" Mackanin will be joined by both Aarons -- Altherr and Nola -- and Cameron Rupp. So it's a NEWs conference! Get it? Do you? Do you get it? *dodges flying vegetables*

They'll be chatting about spring training (right around the corner!), the upcoming 2016 season, and I'm sure they'll trade a few yuks along the way with each other and the media. The news conference is streaming live on the Phillies website, and you can watch it here. But you can also watch it in the embedded video player below.

Are you encouraged by what they're saying? Discouraged? Did you just tune in to see Aaron Altherr be handsome? Or to see if you could catch Aaron Nola smiling? Regardless, share your thoughts below.

UPDATE: Or maybe the players aren't going to speak in front of the cameras! MLB was a little misleading with their description of this news conference: "Watch live: Manager Pete Mackanin, Phillies playerd discuss upcoming season." Only half of that actually happened, so thanks, MLB!