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Questions for Scott Proefrock - submit yours!

Scott Proefrock is coming to a town near me. Hive mind me your questions!

What is it like to work with Jimmy Neutron?
What is it like to work with Jimmy Neutron?
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

As with many Phillies writers, I have always wanted to write the "Love Song of J. Scott Proefrock" but I don't know his first initial. Or his middle initial. Whatever. I'VE WANTED TO WRITE IT, SINCE BACK WHEN I WAS STILL WRITING FANPOSTSHere's the original if you'd like to give it a spin.

In any case, when Scott Proefrock comes to York on January 28th, my first question for him is: "What is your middle initial?" My second question will be, "What is it like to work with your boss, Jimmy Neutron?" (Neutron/Klentak is pictured above - I could not find a picture of Proefrock in the photo archive).

I'd like to ask him some additional questions without hijacking a local church event, and I'd like to ask you, our TGP hive mind, for some questions you would want to have answered. Submit away below. Please rec good questions to sort through the ones you would really like asked - I probably will only get to ask a few. I will nag him to see if he'd do an email or phone interview with the blog, though.

No, I will not ask him if he prefers Howard, Ruf, or a 4x8 sheet of plywood.

Yes, I will wipe the Dorito's mung off my fingers and shower before I go. I also will wear clean clothes and such. Jeez, you people...