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VIDEO shows Ruben Amaro is in a happier place now

Freed from the shackles of being the "boss," former Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro is partying down in Beantown.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

During his time in Philadelphia as the team's general manager, things were not always sunshine and roses for Ruben Amaro, Jr.

He did some good things, he did some bad things. He did some things in the middle. He was at times honest, forthright, snarky, unpleasant or, as chronicled on this very blog quite frequently, smug.

He was a symbol for the way the "old" Phillies did things, the polar opposite of the new regime that everyone agrees has been a breath of fresh air to Philadelphia baseball.

Oh sure, Amaro probably liked to have fun in his private time, and given the amount of criticism he received from the fanbase (some deserved, some not), it's easy to see why we never saw a "care-free, happy-go-lucky" Ruben Amaro. A Ruben Amaro who embraced the world with both arms open. A Ruben Amaro who let us in with a come-hither wink and a side-hug or two.

Now, he's with the Boston Red Sox as their new first base coach. His decision to eschew a front office or scouting job and take a field position with Boston, coaching first base, was not something anyone saw coming.

But sometimes, being the "boss" just sucks. And perhaps it took it's toll on poor Ruben Amaro.

Which is why, with a hat-tip to Marc Normandin, it is a pleasure to bring you this "shocking" footage.

Guys, this is what a happy, carefree Ruben Amaro looks like.

Yes, that's right. That's Ruben Amaro Jr., among others, at the Red Sox' Winter Weekend, having the best time of his freaking life.

Gone are the shackles of responsibility. Gone are the fans who want him fired.

He has gone to a better place. A happier place. He no longer has the responsibility of telling players they've been traded. Or released. Or suspended. Or whatever.

That's someone else's job now. Ruben's new job is to tell guys to get back to first on pickoff throws. His new job is to help coach baserunning.

We all hoped that when Amaro took this gig, he would find happiness. And it's so gratifying to see the guy just yukking it up as one of the gents, dancing along like a goofball without a care in the world.

Look, that dude went through a lot here. And if you can't find gladness in your heart that Ruben is doing well someplace else, then you're likely dead inside.

So, good for you Ruben. Dance your heart away. You deserve it.

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