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Ian Desmond, the DH debate & worst case scenarios. Phillies TGP Radio Episode 33!

On this episode of TGP Radio, host John Stolnis wonders if the Phils will actually be worse in 2016, runs down some free agents that could help the team for cheap, and talks to 97.5 The Fanatic's James Seltzer and The Good Phight's Justin Klugh about the DH in the NL.

What if the Phillies are worse in 2016? Should the Phillies go after Ian Desmond? And I'm sorry to say, there will be no DH coming to the National League.

This week on TGP Radio I talked to 97.5 The Fanatic's James Seltzer about just how many games the Phillies will win in 2016 and the possibility they could do worse than we think they will. We also brought up the topic of "tanking" in baseball once again, as well as the news the NL will not be getting the DH anytime soon.

Not only that, our very own Justin Klugh also joined the show to defend pitchers hitting and gave his reasons for keeping the DH out of the NL.

Also, MLB is revising it's strike zone... why it doesn't matter, as well as our Stat of the Week.

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