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TGP Radio Episode 30: Halladay vs Clemens

This week on TGP Radio, host John Stolnis takes a look at the Hall of Fame voting for 2016, including a verbal spat between all-time greats Roy Halladay and Roger Clemens over PED use. Also on the show, Baseball Prospectus' Jeff Paternostro on their ranking of the Phils' top 10 prospects and the latest on Ryan Howard's lawsuit against Al Jazeera.

Roy Halladay and Roger Clemens apparently don't get along.

Just as Clemens was once again denied entrance to the Hall of Fame, former Phils great Roy Halladay took to Twitter to come out against PED users like Clemens and Barry Bonds getting entrance to the Hall of Fame. Considering that Halladay will one day be enshrined in Cooperstown, you can see why his opinion has weight.

Clemens didn't like it, firing back at Halladay, who fired back at Clemens, and now we've got a full-on former Blue Jays pitchers war going on here. In Episode 30 of TGP Radio, I talk about that as well as the topics below.

Segment 1:

  • Ryan Howard sues Al Jazeera
  • How strong is his case?
  • Should he be suing? Is it worth it?
  • Should athletes be allowed to use HGH legally?

Segment 2:

  • Baseball Prospectus is out with their top 10 Phillies prospects
  • Interview with Jeff Patenostro on their list

Segment 3:

  • Phillies announce which prospects will be invited to spring training

Segment 4:

  • Hall of Fame voting is announced
  • Griffey and Piazza get in
  • Future for those who missed out
  • Steroid era players
  • Halladay vs. Clemens tete a tete


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