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NLDS Championship Game Thread

We, along with the Cubs, and the rest of the baseball world, await tonight's game to see who moves on.

Pinstripes are pinstripes, just pretend you're in bizarro world.
Pinstripes are pinstripes, just pretend you're in bizarro world.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Like the Highlander, there can be only one.

The Nationals are throwing their ace, $35 million dollar man Max Scherzer up against Ric..wait, that can't be right... *Pulls out spectacles, resting them on the bridge of my nose* Well, yes, it appears it's Rich Hill on the, uh, hill for the Dodgers in their do-or-die game. Sherzer has been one of the very best pitchers in baseball this year, though he creeps this guy out:

Heterochromia. The word you're looking for Mr. Szerlong, is heterochromia. Anyway, that seems harsh, but I'm not here to heebie jeebie shame someone. Be scared if you must.

Hill has been, as describes, "one of the most effective pitchers in baseball when he was able to pitch this season." Which is usually when most pitchers who are effective are effective. Rarely is a pitcher highly effective when they're not able to pitch.

Rich Hill

Thanks much, Personally, I'm a big Urias fan, and would have liked to see him go with all hands on deck out of the bullpen, but upon checking the mirror this morning it turns out I'm not Dave Roberts, so I don't get to make that call.


And in case anyone was on the fence as to who to root for, one team has a clown shoes dude who puts Harambe on his bat:

While the other has this dude:

Just saying.