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ALCS Game 1 Thread: Toronto at Cleveland

The best of 7 series' start now

We had the slimmer, badder version of this guy (Not bad in the good, Michael Jackson way, either)
We had the slimmer, badder version of this guy (Not bad in the good, Michael Jackson way, either)
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Some years ago I came to the realization that October is one of my favorite months, if only because you've got playoff baseball, the start of the hockey season, and football season is in full swing. Also that other sport with the hoops and sneakers.

Last night we were treated to a great game in Washington, with the Dodgers barely holding on after Ruiz delivered the winning run with a run-scoring single (to Jayson Werth) while pinch hitting for Chase Utley. Joe Blanton came in early to get Rich Hill out of a jam, then we saw Kenley Jansen on the mound in the 7th inning, throw more than 50 pitches over the next three innings, only to give way for a Kershaw--on zero days of rest after starting game 4--come in for the save. It was great baseball, if somewhat questionably managed.

Hopefully we get more of the same tonight.

Toronto Blue Jays v. Cleveland Indians

8:08 PM EST, TBS

Progressive Field, Cleveland OH



Looking forward to game two a moment, Trevor Bauer, the originally planned game 2 starter and mechanical engineering major while at UCLA, will miss that. Because this happened:

Kid's unique.

Unlike Baseball Fam, I think that makes him more interesting and enjoyable, but to each their own.

Discuss tonight's game, or, anything else within reason, I suppose, below.

P.S. - If the baseball game gets way out of hand, or if you have multiple television sets like a 1%er, and you're looking for something else to watch, the Flyers season opener is tonight at 10:30 EST, against the 0-1 Kings. You can follow that game over at sister blog Broad Street Hockey, and you can get hyped up for it right here by watching this pump up video if you're so inclined (It's good):