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Two recaps in one: Mets winning, Phillies losing

We’re almost there, guys.

New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The Phillies have lost six games in a row.

I say that like it’s a big, monumental thing, or like you’ll be surprised. If you are, we need to have a long talk right now.

The last two games have not been pretty, folks. Let’s start with Friday: Alec Asher had a decent start, giving up three runs in six innings. Of course, the Phillies couldn’t score three runs, or even two runs. They managed just one. So the runs that Michael Mariot gave up didn’t really matter. The Phillies lost 5-1, with their only run coming on a sacrifice fly.

This Phillies bullpen is bad, yo. Yesterday’s game was no exception. Of course, it was started by Phil Klein (who?), so...

To be fair, Klein (who?) only gave up one run in four innings, and there have been far worse starts this year. But then Frank Hermann, Patrick Schuster, and David Hernandez all gave up runs. Fun fact: Schuster’s ERA is now over 18!

The bright spot? Ryan Howard hitting what could be his final home run at Citizens Bank Park. The crowd was behind him every single at-bat, giving him loud cheers and standing ovations. And after his home run the fans demanded a curtain call, and he obliged. Hopefully today’s game will be the same, because Howard deserves it.


The Phillies could have won it late, but extra runs and a lack of offense made that nearly impossible. The late-innings loss was only made worse by the Mets officially clinching a wild card spot, and their fans flooding the stadium. It was gross.

Rise up, Phillies fans. The season is almost over and the outlook is at least somewhat better next year.