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Phillies Mailbag & Bullpens - The Felske Files Episode 73

This week, we open up the mailbag and answer some Phils questions, and talk to Joe Lemire about how managers are using their 'pens differently in the postseason this year.

Terry Francona is going to another World Series.

This will be his third one, by the way. He never took the Phillies to a World Series while he was here. All he was doing was going 285-363 with the Phils (that's a .440 winning percentage kids) despite having rosters littered with stars like Rico Brogna, Midre Cummings, Mark Lewis, Desi Relaford, Mark Portugal, Tyler Green, Carlton Loewer and Mike Grace.

So sad.

Francona has done this largely because of an outstanding bullpen, led by the venerable Jeff Manship, and a Cleveland offense that has done just enough, led ably by former Phillie great Michael Martinez.

So yes, Cleveland is going back to the World Series, led by Terry Francona, who couldn't get over the hump here in Philadelphia.

Of course it's OK to hate him.

This week on the podcast, Joe Lemire from, joins the podcast to talk about this excellent piece about how managers, specifically Francona, are finally using their bullpens the right way.

Also this week, the Phils have an interesting roster situation developing, MLB could soon institute a new international player draft that has numerous pros and cons, and we open the Phillies mailbag to take your questions.


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