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Terry Francona: the early years! Felske Files Episode 74

This week on The Felske Files, host John Stolnis talks with former Philadelphia Phillies relief ace and current CSN Philly analyst Ricky Bottalico about playing under Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona during his first two seasons as the Phils manager.

Terry Francona has done some amazing things as the skipper of the Boston Red Sox and now the Cleveland Indians since he left Philadelphia. And yet, while here in Philly, his teams were a disaster. How much of that was his fault and how much of it was the front office?

Joining the Felske Files this week is former Phillies relief pitcher and current CSN Philly analyst Ricky Bottalico, who played for Tito during Francona's first two seasons as the Phils manager, in 1997 and '98. What did he see in Francona when he was here? What were his strengths and weaknesses? And did he ever seen Francona becoming the manager he's become?

Also on this week's episode:

  • Aaron Nola health update
  • Mark Appel update
  • My Big Plan to fix the postseason
  • It's time to get rid of Chief Wahoo
  • Rob Manfred says "This Time It Counts" may be going bye bye
  • Manfred talks about changes needed for instant replay in baseball

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