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TGP 2016 Playoff and Award Predictions Revisted

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It wasn't that long ago that the staff here ran the numbers, made some calls and reviewed countless hours of game-tape to give their best estimates of what would happen during the 2016 season. Which of these 11 "experts" fared the best? First, let us start with the Division/Wild Card winners. But before we go any further, I've developed an elaborate points system for each section that in no way rigs the voting heavily in my favor. And here we go...

Division/Wild Card Analysis:
1 point - picked a division winner or wildcard participant correctly (green)
0.5 point - picked a playoff participant (yellow)
no points - red (feel shame)

If you all aren't paying attention to John already, please do so. His opinions mean a lot and are almost always good (except on the DH of course). David Cohen and dajafi struggled this round, both only selecting one correct winner. Prospect gurus Cormican and Victor stood out by whiffing in the fewest categories (3). This season also taught us a very important lesson in that you should never trust the Houston Astros.

Jay Polinsky Eric Chesterton John Stolnis TGK David S. Cohen Victor Filoromo Phrozen Justin Klugh Cormican dajafi Wet Luzinski
NL East Mets Marlins Nationals Mets Mets Mets Mets Mets Nationals Mets Mets
NL Central Cubs Cubs Cubs Cubs Pirates Cubs Cubs Cubs Cubs Cubs Cubs
NL West Diamondbacks Dodgers Diamondbacks Giants Diamondbacks Diamondbacks Giants Diamondbacks Giants (it's an even year) Giants Giants
NL Wild Card Cardinals Pirates Mets Pirates Cubs Nationals Dodgers Pirates Pirates Pirates Pirates
NL Wild Card Pirates Nationals Cardinals Diamondbacks Dodgers Dodgers Pirates Giants Mets Nationals Cardinals
AL East Blue Jays Red Sox Red Sox Blue Jays Blue Jays Red Sox Blue Jays Blue Jays Blue Jays Blue Jays Blue Jays
AL Central Indians Indians Tigers Royals Royals Indians Royals Royals Indians Tigers Royals
AL West Astros Rangers Rangers Astros Rangers Astros Rangers Astros Astros Astros Rangers
AL Wild Card Rangers Astros Astros Red Sox Astros Royals Astros Orioles Rangers Yankees White Sox
AL Wild Card Red Sox Rays Blue Jays Rangers Tigers Blue Jays Mariners Indians White Sox Royals Astros
Points 4 5.5 6 3.5 3 5.5 4 4 5.5 3 3.5

Playoff Outcome Analysis:
3 points - picked participants and winner (blue)
2 points - picked winner of series (green)
1 point - picked both participants, but not the winner (orange)
.5 points - picked a participant, but not a winner (yellow)
no points - red (feel shame)

As you can see, the clear winner of this round was the handsome fella Jason who slaves away making those daily prospect recaps those kids keep talking about. Make sure to drop him a line and tell him he is very smart, I heard he likes that. It was interesting to see that despite almost everyone picking the Cubs to win the division or make the playoffs, most had them losing in the NLCS or WS. Kudos to the incredibly underappreciated Justin Klugh for being the only one smart enough to not doubt the Chicago Cubs.

Jay Polinsky Eric Chesterton John Stolnis TGK David S. Cohen Victor Filoromo Phrozen Justin Klugh Cormican dajafi Wet Luzinski
NLCS Cubs over Mets Pirates over Cubs Nationals over Cubs Cubs over Pirates Pirates over Mets Cubs over Mets Dodgers over Cubs Cubs over Diamondbacks Cubs over Giants Cubs over Giants Pirates over Cubs
ALCS Indians over Astros Indians over Rangers Rangers over Red Sox Astros over Blue Jays Rangers over Astros Blue Jays over Astros Blue Jays over Royals Blue Jays over Orioles Rangers over Indians Blue Jays over Astros White Sox over Royals
World Series Indians over Cubs Indians over Pirates Rangers over Nationals Astros over Cubs Pirates over Rangers Blue Jays over Cubs Blue Jays over Dodgers Cubs over Blue Jays Rangers over Cubs Blue Jays over Cubs White Sox over Cubs
Points 5 3 0.5 3 0 3 1.5 4.5 3 3 1

Bonus Round - End of Season Awards Analysis:
2 points - picked the award winner (blue)
1 point - picked an award finalist (green)
.5 - picked a guy good enough to have been a finalist (yellow)
no points - red (feel shame)

Holy cow I don't think we could have done any worse on NL MVP predictions. Harper's down year was a bit unexpected after his monster 2015 MVP campaign. Most of us had some decent NL Cy Young winners picked out, though I'm not sure most of us saw them being too hurt to be considered (Kershaw) or one of them dying (RIP Fernandez). While Corey Seager was a heavy, heavy favorite for the NL ROY, the group could not see even a finalist among the AL group. Cormican take the bonus round with very safe and smart picks. 

Jay Polinsky Eric Chesterton John Stolnis TGK David S. Cohen Victor Filoromo Phrozen Justin Klugh Cormican dajafi Wet Luzinski
NL MVP Bryce Harper Bryce Harper Anthony Rizzo Anthony Rizzo Andrew McCutchen Bryce Harper Bryce Harper Giancarlo Stanton Bryce Harper Starling Marte Andrew McCutcheon
NL Cy Young Jose Fernandez Clayton Kershaw Stephen Strasburg Clayton Kershaw Clayton Kershaw Jake Arrieta Clayton Kershaw Clayton Kershaw Jake Arrieta Matt Harvey Noah Snydergaard
NL ROY Corey Seager Corey Seager Corey Seager Corey Seager Trea Turner Corey Seager Corey Seager Tyler Goeddel Corey Seager Corey Seager Tyler Goeddel
AL MVP Mike Trout Mike Trout Mookie Betts Mike Trout Mike Trout Carlos Correa Mike Trout Manny Machado Mike Trout Miguel Cabrera Lorenzo Cain
AL Cy Young Carlos Carrasco David Price Chris Sale Dallas Keuchel Dallas Keuchel Chris Sale Felix Hernandez Corey Kluber Chris Sale Chris Archer Chris Sale
AL ROY Byung-ho Park Byron Buxton Byung-ho Park Byron Buxton Byron Buxton Byron Buxton Joey Gallo Jose Berrios Nomar Mazara Byron Buxton Byron Buxton
Points 5 5 4.5 5 3.5 3.5 4.5 2 5.5 3 1

Prediction Point Total Results:

Hooray for me!!!! I mean, congratulations to Cormican as well. TGP thanks you for following and humoring us through this probably uneventful Phillies offseason from here on out.

Cormican 14
Jay Polinsky 14
Eric Chesterton 13.5
Victor Filoromo 12
TGK 11.5
John Stolnis 11
Justin Klugh 10.5
Phrozen 10
dajafi 9
David S. Cohen 6.5
Wet Luzinski 5.5