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Happy Thanksgiving from The Good Phight

As you eat your turkey and drink your spirits, we want to wish you a happy Turkey Day.

Bay Area Food Bank Feeds The Needy Over Thanksgiving Holiday
Gobble gobble.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Happy Thanksgiving, readers! I hope you’re all stuffing yourself with turkey and delicious sides, watching the parade, rooting for the Cowboys to lose embarrassingly, and holding the ones you love close to you.

On this day of thanks, I’m going to take this opportunity to tell you what I’m thankful for.

I’m thankful for baseball, and the Phillies. In a world that’s increasingly troubling, baseball is a constant, and it’s a constant source of joy, wonder, and distraction. And the Phillies, even though they’re not particularly great right now, are delightful. They’re getting better, and they’ve got so many interesting young players that give me hope for the future.

I’m thankful for SB Nation, and my SB Nation boss Justin Bopp. I’ve been at SB Nation since 2011, and they’ve changed a lot, but what’s never changed is their desire to give fans like me and my staff a forum to write about the team and sport we love dearly. I’m thankful for the other SB Nation Philly blogs, Liberty Ballers, Bleeding Green Nation, Broad Street Hockey, and Brotherly Game. We’re a strange family of blogs who all love Philadelphia sports, and working with them is an honor.

I’m thankful for you, our glorious, dedicated, opinionated readers. Without you we’re nothing, we’re just shouting into the void. So thank you all for reading and commenting, and for staying with us through the lean years (still ongoing) when every other post was some variation on “WHY GOD WHY” and “GOODBYE BELOVED PLAYER.”

And finally, I’m thankful for each and every one of my amazing, talented, phenomenal, thoughtful, superhero writers. I can’t even describe how much I’m thankful for them each and every day. John Stolnis, who is always ready to post news and analysis with lightning speed. Eric Chesterton for his wit and thoughtfulness. Wet Luzinski, who runs our Facebook page with such aplomb. philsandthrills, for running our Twitter account for the last four years, and Paul Boyé, who will be taking that on now and in the future. Ethan Witte, our newest addition, for lending his talents to our site. Our unbelievable minor league and prospect team, made up of the smartest dudes: Cormican, Victor Filoromo, Jay Polinsky, and Matt Winkelman. T.G.K. for his sharp humor, and RyneHorde for his sharp insight. dajafi and David S. Cohen for their never ending intelligence. schmenkman for sharing his tremendous knowledge of Phillies history and love of stats. RememberThePhitans for being our own personal Ron Swanson. Trev223 and LTG8 for being our resident philosophers. Phrozen for handling our comments section with more kindness and patience than I ever could have. Peter Lyons for handing me the reins four years ago next month and trusting me with what he built.

And I left out one person: Justin Klugh, my deputy. Without him, I would have gone crazy so very, very long ago. He does so much for me and this site, and he’s legitimately the funniest person I’ve ever met.

From all of us at The Good Phight, happy Thanksgiving to all of you. We hope it’s safe and satisfying.