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Phillies give Scott Franzke a five-year contract extension

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Radio play-by-play guy Scott Franzke isn’t going anywhere for the next five years. Let the rejoicing commence.


There isn’t a whole lot for Phillies fans to celebrate lately. Most of us are just trying to remember who Jimmy Cordero is and why the Nationals would want him. But today there is something for us to celebrate.

Scott Franzke, the Phillies’ sharp, entertaining, affable play-by-play guy, has signed a five-year contract extension to remain with the team. He’ll keep on calling games side-by-side with Larry Andersen, and the games will remain on WIP through 2017. had Franzke’s response.

“My family and I are very excited and I just can’t imagine doing this job anywhere else at this stage of my career,” Franzke said. “I’m humbled and thankful to the Phillies for wanting this relationship to continue for another five years.”

This extension pretty much had to be done. Franzke, who is about to start his 12th season with the Phillies, is both popular and extremely good at his job, and it’s hard to imagine anyone doing it better. He’s got fantastic chemistry with Andersen, and he’s a delight to listen to. The two of them have made listening to Phillies games, which can sometimes be a chore during this extensive rebuild, actually fun. They don’t take themselves too seriously, and because the know just where the team is right now, they don’t take the team too seriously, either.

The Phillies haven’t seen many play-by-play guys in the past 35+ years: it’s been Harry Kalas and Scott Franzke. Just like there’s a generation of Phillies fans who can’t imagine the team without hearing Harry’s calls, there’s a whole new generation that can’t imagine the team without Franzke. To me, getting Franzke locked down was more important than any free agent they could sign this offseason.