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Scott Kingery will be the Phillies ambassador in the Arizona Fall League All-Star Game

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It’s a thin class this year.

The seven Phillies prospects in the Arizona Fall League have been at it for weeks now, and the reviews are in!

That’s right, things are really heating up off the bat of Kingery, a second baseman sent to Scottsdale who I earlier in the Phillies off-season I referred to as a "vicious base stealing threat and conniving lead-off hitter" who was doing none of that effectively for a while. It’s almost as though my glowing praise in a puff piece had been exaggerated with trademark hyperbole.

Nevertheless, Kingery did show flashes of the double play-spinning for which he had become known during the 2016 regular season in Reading. But sadly, even Kingery’s teammate Tim Tebow reached base and was credited with an RBI before the 22-year-old infielder. Kingery had four hits in his first 23 AB, and in a league like the AFL, where he was only playing in every other game, it was probably difficult to get into a groove; although he is the only true second baseman listed on the Scorpions’ roster.

But then, the winds changed, or in Arizona, the sandstorms shifted as the bone-chilling cry of a coyote went up, and Kingery began to put the bat on the ball. He hit two doubles and a home run and raised his AFL slash line to a more actual slash line-looking .245/.302/.347.

For that, he will be an all-star. Also due to his defense, probably, which you can sample here from very far away and with smooth jazz playing in the background.

Let us begin the nicknaming process at once: Great Scott. The Kingery in the North. The Scottsdale Surprise. Hmm, yes. Excellent.

And he's really the only choice, too, since Aaron Brown is hitting .136 (Tebow is hitting .147), Miguel Nunez has a 0.00 ERA through 9.2 IP, Mitch Walding is hitting... .325... through... 40 AB...

Wait, what the hell is going on? Walding is in a two-way tie for second on the team in extra base hits. Well, whatever. I'm sure the process of selecting the East Division AFL All-Stars (Fall-Stars?) is as rigid and prolific as I am imagining it.

To the Kingery in the North!