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Greatest World Series ever? Felske Files Episode 75

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On this week's show, host John Stolnis talks about the incredible, phenomenal, heart-pounding, historic Game 7 win by the Chicago Cubs in the Fall Classic with Sirius XM's Mike Ferrin. Also, Matt Stairs is the new hitting coach, will John Kruk replace him in the booth? And the Phils' farm system wins a major award.

Have you caught your breath yet?

Game 7 of the 2016 World Series will be remembered by everybody. Not just Cubs fans. Not just Indians fans. And not even just baseball fans. Casual sports fans and, hey, observers of pop culture were riveted by what took place in Cleveland on Wednesday night, and the result was a Game 7 for the ages.

Joining host John Stolnis to break down the game and it's place in history is Sirius XM's Mike Ferrin. Was this the greatest World Series ever? Was it the most consequential game in baseball history? Where does it rank among Game 7s? What is the legacy for the Cubs and the Indians? What about Joe Maddon's controversial moves?

Also on the podcast this week:

  • The Phillies hire Matt Stairs as their new hitting coach
  • Former ESPN analyst and former Phillie John Kruk is reportedly in negotiations to replace Stairs in the booth
  • The Phils' minor system was just named the best in all of baseball in 2016, but do we believe it?
  • Good news! Aaron Nola is totally healthy (so says his agent)
  • It's decision time with regards to Jeremy Hellickson and the qualifying offer. Will the Phils extend him one? Will he accept it? Will he decline and become a free agent? Will I stop asking pointless questions?
  • Phils make it official. Ryan Howard is no longer a Phillie.
  • Stat of the Week: Chase Utley's a cinch for the Hall of Fame now.

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