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All of your Odubel Herrera extension questions answered

What started as a rare Rule 5 success story has culminated in a deal that makes basically everyone happy.

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Phillies and Odubel Herrera have agreed to a deal that will keep their center fielder in Philadelphia until 2021, with the possibility of him remaining here through 2023, or when scientists have projected that his more recent bat flips will land. All but the eternally joyless celebrated this deal, but those with questions and comments on the development arose, index fingers in the air.

Our experts at The Good Phight raced to keep the public informed.

What happened to Mike Trout?

Mike Trout is currently enjoying life in a giant hamster ball roving the western coast of the United States, smiling with childlike wonder at the world around him. The Phillies’ efforts to acquire Trout, the best player in baseball, exist entirely in comment sections, social media, and my own shattered mind. As fans, it is exciting to imagine the most exciting young player in the sport playing for our team, but he does play the same position as the man the Phillies just extended on this very day. This leads the logical thinker to wonder... wait a second, are the Phillies not going to acquire Mike Trout?

The sheer volume of assets the Phillies would need to trade for Trout would likely result in Trout standing in the parking lot where Citizens Bank Park used to be before being airlifted to Anaheim along with the rest of the roster, front office, equipment, uniforms, and season ticket holders. Trout is great and all, but paying good money to sit there and watch him half-heartedly dance with a man in a severely downgraded Phanatic costume that is just a Green Man mask with a lampshade duct taped to the front of it is not worth denying Odubel Herrera a future.

Was this a bad move?

Unarguably, no.

Will the Phillies get rid of their middle infield?

The middle infield is the part of the infield that exists between the “corner” positions - first base and third base. Therefore, the middle infielders are the second baseman and shortstop, played this season in Philadelphia by Freddy Galvis and Cesar Hernandez. Galvis was up for Gold Glove consideration and Hernandez led the team in BA, OBP, walks, and triples, and was second in stolen bases and hits only to... Odubel Herrera. Removing Galvis and Hernandez from the infield and playing with only seven men on the diamond seems like a move this admittedly more progressive front office will likely not go for.

When will Odubel’s jerseys be made available online?

We can all look forward to the litany of resources the Phillies will have available to them as soon as they find out about the internet. It really will be a pivotal day in team history when that cable finally reaches the wall socket.

What is Odubel Herrera’s position?

Odubel plays center field most of the time. With Roman Quinn arriving in the big leagues this year, it became questionable as to whether the Phillies would trade Odubel to make room for the speedier Quinn, but instead of doing that, they have signed him to a five-year extension.

Should the Phillies trade Odubel Herrera?

No; they just granted him a five-year, $30 million extension.

Was Odubel Herrera doing those things?

While it is possible at any moment that Odubel is walking around his home, flipping household objects miles into the stratosphere, the likelihood that he is simultaneously playing offense and defense in an organized baseball game as we speak is extraordinarily low. The idea that he could be both dropping a fly ball and flipping a bat in the time it would take a person to compose a tweet is also laughable, either due to the ludicrously fast pace at which Odubel would have to be moving, or the tragically slow pace at which the person would have to be tweeting. In any case, at the moment of the above commentary, Odubel was in all likelihood spending time with friends and loved ones and not mewling piteously on social media.