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The Dirty Inning, Episode 1: The Reds Scare

“For two days, I was convinced we were all going to die in a fire.”

All it takes is one bad inning to ruin your day.

On The Dirty Inning podcast here at The Good Phight, we take a closer look at those innings; laugh at them, learn from them, and in some cases... come to love them.

TGP Assistant Editor Justin Klugh (@justin_klugh) and contributor Dr. Trevor Strunk (@Hegelbon) break down what went wrong and how much disgusted head-shaking followed all throughout Phillies history, one catastrophic half-inning at a time. In our pilot episode, we don’t journey too far into the past; merely back to 2016’s Opening Day in Cincinnati, when the Phillies, against all odds, clung to a one-run read as they entered the bottom of the eighth. And then, all of those odds came crashing down on them.