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Phillies Winter Meetings recap: FF #80

In Episode 80 of The Felske Files, host John Stolnis analyzes the winners and losers at this year's Winter Meetings with ESPN Senior Baseball Writer Jerry Crasnick and Phils beat writer from The News Journal, Meghan Montemurro.

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The Winter Meetings are over, and the baseball world's beat writers couldn't be more pleased.

Yeah, there's pretty much not a lot great about being a Phils beat writer in wintry Maryland sitting in a hotel for the better part of four days covering a team that has all but told you they're not going to do anything that week. It's about as exciting as waiting for rice to cook.

Nevertheless, many other teams in baseball were having a good 'ol time, with trades and free agent signings raising eyebrows all over the place. Joining the show this week is ESPN Senior Baseball Writer Jerry Crasnick to analyze the good, the bad and the ugly from this week's Winter Meetings, and he offers his thoughts on how the Phillies have approached the off-season.

Also, Phils beat writer from The News Journal, Meghan Montemurro, joins the podcast with some more in-depth thoughts on what Phillies' brass was thinking and doing this week near the National Harbor.

Host John Stolnis discussed that and other issues in Episode 80, including...


  • Which move surprised you the most this week at the Winter Meetings?
  • Did the Nationals act in an overly desperate way to get Adam Eaton?
  • The reliever market is insane, Chapman, Wade Davis trade, Melancon... Kenley Jansen next
  • What are the Miami Marlins doing?
  • More moves coming in the days and weeks after the Meetings
  • Should the Phillies be doing more to make their team better in 2016?
  • Phils need to prioritize keeping playing time available for the younger players
  • Trading away young, solid contributors like Cesar Hernandez and Odubel Herrera just doesn't make sense


  • How boring was it tracking the Phils' lack of movement at the Winter Meetings?
  • How active was Matt Klentak this week? Was he aggressive at all or waiting teams to come to him?
  • Phillies HAVE been active this off-season, just nothing overly sexy.
  • Pete Mackanin says he wants another bat... is there a chance that still happens?
  • What is Cesar Hernandez' value? Would you trade him for J.D. Martinez?
  • How aggressive will the Phils be after the 2018 season?
  • Pete Mackanin's contract... option getting picked up?


  • A.J. Ellis signs with the Marlins
  • Andrew Knapp likely the Phils' back-up catcher in 2017
  • No. 1 pick Mickey Moniak showed up at the Winter Meetings with 20 pounds of muscle
  • Phils sat out the Rule 5 draft this year
  • Lost LHP Hoby Milner was taken, a future potential LOOGY
  • Phils thrilled they didn't lose AA prospect Andrew Pullin