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2015 TGP Over/Under/Never Results

After much unnecessary delay, The Good Phight is pleased to present the results from the Seventy-Fifth Annual Hunger... wait, sorry, wrong card. The 2015 Annual Over/Under Events. Not the Hunger Games. Hahaha that would be silly. Oh, look a kitty.

Ken Rosenclaws is smarter than all of us.
Ken Rosenclaws is smarter than all of us.

So yeah, the 2015 Over/Under/Never Results. As you may recall from last April, we had 20 events in this year's roundup, ranging from the reasonable (Larry Bowa blowing his top at something) to the obscene (Ben Revere hitting two home runs).

31 entrants braved fire and ice to submit their prognostications into the ceremonial dragonskull upon the roof of the world, and, with next season fast approaching, it is time to see what we have wrought. Ken Rosenclaws has finished perusing the record books for this year, and, with his help, I am proud to present the results.

As a quick recap, the events, with their corresponding over/unders:

  1. Larry Bowa loses his shit again! This is obviously somewhat subjective, so TheGoodPhight staff will make the final determination, but something along the lines of this past weeks foolishness would make the cut. - April 26th. (Note: inspiration for this event comes from Prof Bob, here)
  2. Maikel Franco called up and makes his first game appearance (any game played counts, even if he does not bat). - June 1st.
  3. Ken Giles records his 100th career Major League strikeout (needs 36) - June 1st.
  4. Chase Utley hits his 50th career triple (needs two) - June 15th.
  5. Ryan Howard hits his 350th career home run (needs 16) - July 1st.
  6. Cole Hamels is traded. And we get sad - July 31st.
  7. Ben Revere hits his second home run of the season (inside-the-park counts) - August 20th.
  8. Aaron Nola is called up and makes his first appearance - September 5th.
  9. J.P. Crawford is called up and makes his first appearance - September 5th.
  10. Utley records his 150th career stolen base (needs 11) - September 15th.
  11. "Now pitching for the [team], Cliff Lee." (a pitching appearance for any team at any level) - October 4th.
And the usual collection of Phrozen's dumb bonus rounds...

The Phormer Phillies Around the League Bonus Round:

  1. Jimmy Rollins' 10,000 career plate appearance (needs 489) - September 1st.
  2. Kyle Kendrick's 150th career home run allowed (needs seven) - June 1st.
  3. Jayson Werth's 200th career home run (needs 14) - August 1st.
The MLB Leaderboard Bonus Round:
  1. The ML leader in pitching strikeouts, and how many.
  2. The ML leader in home runs, and how many.
  3. The ML leader in combined rWAR (pitchers and hitters, from, and how much.
The Phillies Totals Bonus Round:
  1. Phillies Regular Season Record (last year: 73-89, closest wins)
  2. Total Regular Season attendance at Citizen's Bank Park (last year: 2,423,852, closest wins).
  3. The total number of Phillies players with at least one game played (last year: 49, closest wins).

With up to twenty points possible, the winner was ShaneM! Congratulations, Shane! Sadly there is no prize as we squandered the prize money on... well, I don't remember, but I'm sure it was worth it!

Here's how everyone else did:

2015OUN Results

Special Honorable Mentions to BorgQueen and Bud in TN for correctly picking (within a reasonable margin of error) Kershaw's strikeout total and CBP season attendance! Nice job. Also notable is that five of you (!) correctly picked the Phils' end-of-season record of 63-99. RyneHorde, IggySuarez, Thatguy47, Joecatz and Wet Luzinski. I don't know how you all did that, but it's impressive. Finally, I would like to award the Honorary Phrozen Trophy of Relentless Optimism to both Bud and pretzalz, who predicted a record of 75-87.

As always, thanks for playing, and stay tuned for the 2016 kickoff in the coming weeks.