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Hype Train 2016: Maikel Franco

First up in this series is Maikel Franco. I'm not going to tell you all the things you already know, instead this post serves to remind you and simply get you excited that baseball is back.

Time to take a journey through gifs and video of why Maikel Franco will be one of the reasons the Phillies will be exciting from day one. For even more hype on Franco, check out Eric's post from yesterday.


Since Howard's rapid decline we have been pretty deprived of the long ball, but Maikel looks to change that. From small flowerbed shots like his first major league homer shown above... game changing moonshots like this one off Aroldis Chapman. As our resident cue-ball headed Frankenstein announcer pointed out, Chapman thought the game was over and started walking off the field. Don't worry Aroldis, I'd want it to be all over after that, too.

(Sorry that Ben Davis does his best to ruin that clip with his "YAKKA" or whatever the hell it is he hoped would catch on, but gladly it died out.)

Then there are just flat out majestic homers like this that should probably count for 2 runs even with the bases empty.

But, but, what if that hand injury hampers his power next year?!

We all thought it, but Maikel came back for a few games and said "Shhhhhhh."


He still has some improving to do at the hot corner, but he certainly provided more than a few exciting moments last year.

I could go on, but I probably shouldn't steal all of TGP's bandwidth on my first day, so here are some more amazing Maikel Moments™:

The night he made Yankees fans cry over us outbidding them for him


When he tried to assassinate Cubs fans with a home run

Where we're going we don't need dugouts

I swear even though there are Dodgers fans there and it is the 6th inning, this video was not edited

Those were some of the moments that stuck out to me. If I missed any feel free to yell at me unmercifully. Up next tomorrow will be everyone's favorite lanky Louisianin, Aaron Nola.