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Hype Train 2016: Aaron Nola

After taking a look at our likely best hitter of 2016, it is time to focus on the player on the bump who could be putting a smile on all our faces across Philadelphia this year.

Aaron Nola came into last season with a ton of eyes on him to see if he could live up to expectations. After destroying the minor leagues and Rube basically running out of excuses he was called up and did not disappoint. Let's take a look at some of the reasons he will be giving us reason to watch from day one.


Aaron Nola may be about 130 lbs soaking wet, but that certainly doesn't stop him from making batter after batter look like a total nerd trying to make contact (or to recognize they should be swinging, not staring).

That's what they get for wearing those jersey tops.

Yoga in the outfield? There's some yoga going on at the plate while the Nationals try to bend and twist their way to some form of contact against Nola. I think Jayson Werth did the downward facing dog while trying to hit that pitch. But don't quote me on yoga, I can barely tie my shoes.


Yep, just walk away.

Predicting now that Nola's first complete game shut out will come against the Braves this year. Will I be right? Almost certainly not.

What you can't see off screen here is that weird blink Nola does actually injures a player on the opposing team. And oh hey pop up Odubel head! We'll be continuing this series with Odubel Herrera up next.

Nola looks to follow up with a strong sophomore campaign, which could begin with him being the Phillies Opening Day starter, apparently. I personally think they don't put that pressure on him and go with Hellickson or Morton, what do you think?