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Maikel Franco has yet to report to Clearwater

The Phillies future center piece is waiting presumably until Tuesday to report to camp.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE, 2/23: Maikel Franco showed up to camp as expected, and everything is fine. Shocking.


Startling news out of Phillies training camp this afternoon as beat writers looked around and noticed that wait a second, something's not right...

It turns out we were all too busy putting our glowing praise of the young Phillies' third baseman into words that we didn't notice he never got off the bus.

The next obvious question is, then, "Where is he?" And the answer is, we do not know. The question after that is, naturally, "Okay, but, when will we see him again?" To that most people will respond with, "Tuesday." That's the last acceptable day to report to camp; any absenteeism after that will result in analysts wondering what personality issues have turned Franco into such a selfish player.

There's already one grievance filed between Franco and the Phillies (Franco filed one, along with the Cubs' Kris Bryant, over service time issues), so the more dramatic folk among us may rise to a standing position and announce concerns that the team and its future star are beginning this dynasty on rocky ground. At the moment, those people will be shouted down and called names by other far more rational people, who are reassuring everyone that everything is fine - this is not a big deal like #DOMWATCH, after all.