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Hype Train 2016: Aaron Altherr

The hype train keeps rolling with our likely opening day right fielder, Aaron Altherr.

Aaron Altherr had an up and down minor league career, capped with a great year last year where he slashed .293/.367/.487 with a .854 OPS and 14 homers. He then saw 161 major league at bats where he added an additional 5 home runs, including this gem...

We'll give an assist to Michael Taylor on that one, but either way how else is this team going to get an inside the park grand slam?

Yes, great play Taylor.

Of course he is no stranger to the conventional home run.

He's also no joke in the field either. With him, Odubel and Peter Bourjos in the outfield we have 3 players perfectly capable of playing center field. That combined with a much improved pitching staff will almost guarantee way better results than last year.

Also, in the spirit of looking forward to this season coming up, I just want to remind you all we get another year from the outside watching this unfold...

Ah, Natinals. Never change.

Here's to baseball being back and giving me a valid excuse to drink every night.