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Ryan Howard has a sad: The Felske Files Episode 37!

On this episode of The Felske Files, host John Stolnis talks to Phillies beat writer Kevin Cooney about Ryan Howard's press conference with the media, and with national baseball writer for the New York Times Tyler Kepner about Ruben Amaro's new job in Boston.

Well, the Ryan Howard press conference was kind of a bummer.

What I had hoped would be a fond farewell season started off with a contentious and, at times, uncomfortable interview session with reporters on Tuesday, but Ryan Howard says he's here and ready to play, every day, for the Phillies in 2016. I talked with Phillies beat writer Kevin Cooney of Calkins Media about Howard and the downer of a presser.

Also this week, the New York Times' national baseball writer Tyler Kepner wrote a terrific piece about Ruben Amaro and his new job in Boston, I talked to him about that. In addition, Cliff Lee retires, does he have a chance at the Hall of Fame? And what are the best and worst contracts in baseball right now? Are there any Phillies on the list?

Plus I'll have our stat of the week.

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