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Forget all that stuff about the Phillies being in on Lazaro Armenteros

It's over.

Shoes that Cuban prospect Lazaro Amrenteros will never wear.
Shoes that Cuban prospect Lazaro Amrenteros will never wear.
Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

First, there was the showcase to which every team sent an ambassador.

After taking in a Caribbean World Series game with Yasiel Puig, he was set to make a decision.

But, then, no; he wasn't.

Then his American agent quit after getting a death threat from a Dominican counterpart.

Thus has been the journey of 16-year-old Cuban outfield prospect Lazaro "Lazarito" Armenteros, who achieved notoriety after the video advertising his skills hit the internet. It was a trip that, for at least a time, the Phillies were said to be involved, at one point listed alongside the Padres, Cubs, Dodgers, and a few mystery teams as top contenders. There was the whole "international spending pool" shebang to deal with - if the went over their allotted signing limit, they would not be able to ink another international prospect for over $300,000 until 2019 - but the Phillies just kept being mentioned.

Not anymore, according to Todd Zolecki. It's because of the signing pool thing.

It is why sources said the Phillies are not pursing somebody like 16-year-old Cuban outfielder Lazaro Armenteros, who figures to take more than $5.6 million to sign. The Phillies likely would pursue somebody like him when they rank more toward the bottom of baseball's international allotment, when it might be more advantageous to blow past their pool limit.

The good news is, the Phillies have all those other exciting young players to gush over, including a forthcoming number one draft pick.