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Phillies spring training preview with Matt Breen: TGP Radio Episode 34

On this edition of TGP Radio, host John Stolnis talks about whether there really is tanking in baseball and previews Phils' spring training with The Philadelphia Inquirer's Matt Breen. Also, the Jesse Biddle trade, top-100 prospect lists, and the Phillies' new alternate jerseys are discussed.

The "tanking" debate in baseball continues to rage from the not-so-small corner of ESPN in which Buster Olney and Jayson Stark make their music, and it is a topic that must continue to be discussed. So, we covered the latest on that front and previewed Phillies' spring training with Phils' beat writer Matt Breen of the Philadelphia Inquirer this week.

Also on the agenda...

  • Jesse Biddle traded
  • Two new top 100 prospects lists out
  • How do the Phillies compare to other teams in baseball?
  • The Phils have "lost" more fans than any other team in baseball over the last 10 years.
  • The team announces a new, second alternate jersey and the reviews are in!

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