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Phillies vs The Future Game 1 Recap

Well, that was fun.

That went just as I predicted. Let's get to it.


Galvis homered and if you look closely you can see the pig flying.

This Darin Ruf homer took negative seconds to leave the yard.

Still having fun.


Tyler homers despite being 75 lbs soaking wet.

lol you thought Franco wouldn't join the fun?

Cedric "The Entertainer" may have solidified his spot on the roster last night.

Now let's talk about the crowd at Reading last night. They were amazing. First they chanted "WE WANT CHOOCH!" until Mackanin used him as a pinch hitter. Then, when Howard stepped to the plate, he got a standing ovation and then did this. THAT is how Howard should be received all year in 2016.

If this game was any indication, tomorrow is going to be a lot of fun.