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People attending Opening Day today, I need your attention for a moment

Just shut up and listen.

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Opening Day is magical. It is honestly my personal holiday. I took two vacation days off from work just to attend and subsequently recover. I always said I wouldn't be that guy, yelling at people to do something they might do on their own anyway, but here we are.

I am asking, nay, demanding a standing ovation for Ryan Howard tomorrow when he gets his first at bat. I want to trust that Philly would do this anyway, but I honestly don't think they will, even after this last night:

He delivered us our first win of the season, along with Vinny, but Vinny is looking at a no decision if it wasn't for Ryno. I'm asking you to forget the bad play of the past years and to remember the good times, like "fuck Scott Barry"

or maybe a 505 foot homerun?

So just for at least one day, give the man the standing ovation he so rightfully deserves. Don't do it for me, some idiot who gifs images and says stupid things on the internet, do it for the best first baseman in Phillies' history.