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Potential 1:1 pick Jason Groome throws no-hitter

Very early on I would say he has separated himself as the favorite for the first overall pick by the Phillies.

CSN Philly

Jason, or Jay as he likes to be called, was an error away from perfection. I call it perfection because I can't think of a better word, as he faced the minimum 21 batters, struck out 19, walked none and the one batter who reached base on an error he immediately picked off. So basically if his defense isn't going to back him up he's just going to handle it all himself.

For those who don't know who this kid is, he is a lefty from Barnegat, NJ who has been hyped as a high first round draft pick for a while now. He works mainly in the 94-96 mph range featuring a ridiculous 75-78 mph curve and a promising changeup. Entering the draft at only 17 a lot of this will be projection, but he hasn't done a thing to hurt his draft stock yet.


For way better analysis of Groome, here is our own Matty Winks with his take from his site Phillies Minor Thoughts.

I think as of right now he has to be the favorite for the pick. He does not throw as hard as Pint, but 89-94 T95-97 (which he did yesterday) is still impressive velocity for a 17 year old lefty. His curveball is better than Pint’s slider and at this point I think you can say the same of the changeup and command potential. Then you have the fact that he is 9 months younger than Pint and I think he has the edge. As for Groome vs the college arms, none of the college arms have really stood out (more on that later). In his last start Groome put up a 7 IP 0 H 0 R 0 BB 19 K performance on 92 pitches to throw his school’s first no-hitter, firmly putting his performance in line with his stuff.

Like I said, it's still too early to tell where the Phillies will go for sure at 1:1, but you have to consider Groome the leading candidate right now.