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Check out the Phillies special holiday uniforms!

Major League Baseball has released pictures of new uniforms MLB teams will wear for special events and holidays in 2016.

Major League Baseball has released a number of new uniforms and caps to be worn at special events and on select holidays this baseball season.

Special uniforms commemorating Memorial Day and the 4th of July will once again be worn, but MLB has added special uniforms for two other holidays this summer, Mother's Day and Father's Day. Unis for the 2016 All Star Game and Home Run Derby have also been released.

First, here is what the Phillies' specialty caps look like.

OK, let's rank these puppies.

Obviously, the San Deigo Padres-inspired HR Derby hats are a must-own. A MUST-OWN. They're so beautiful I'm close to tears here. The Father's Day and Mother's Day caps are both pretty solid. They're understated, but the blue and red they chose is not too baby bluish and not too pink.

The Phils' All-Star Game hat is pretty boss, too. It features two little blue stars above the Phils' signature red "P" with a grey bill that actually looks really nice.

The other two caps, the Independence Day and Memorial Day caps, are garish and ugly. MLB, camo never looks good on a baseball uniform.

And here's a glance at the special jerseys the Phils will wear this year.

Here are looks at the jerseys MLB teams will wear (photos courtesy of Chris Creamer of follow him @sportslogosnet).


I don't know what it is, but when the NFL wears their pink gear to raise awareness and money for breast cancer, they don't look as good as most of these uniforms. And the pink is close enough to the Phils' signature red that this is kind of a sharp look for the Phils.


Again, these are understated and, I think, look pretty sharp. You cannot go wrong with powder or light blue in baseball, and these babies look pretty good, too. So far, we're two-for-two. Will it last?


Uh, no. It won't last.

The camo unis are just not very good. It's a great cause and the money raised from these jerseys is good, but from a pure aesthetic point of view, they fall flat. Not a fan.


The Phils' Independence Day jersey looks really nice, but the hat, as previously mentioned, is hideous.

Oh, and we cannot forget the amazingly awesome HR Derby jerseys that harken back to the marvelous brown and yellow ones worn by the San Diego Padres of the late 1970s, early '80s.

On the off-chance Maikel Franco is asked to participate in this year's HR Derby, I may have to sacrifice a week of groceries in order to buy it.

All in all, this year's lineup of special jerseys and caps isn't half bad.