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Phillies Stat Notes -- One Big Small Sample Size Alert

Thirteen games in, the offense is among the worst there is, but the pitching is even better than expected.

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NL Standings and Key Stats

Their run differential says they should be in last place, but the Phillies are hanging on to second as they get set to host the Mets:


Phillies Stats vs. last year, and vs. the Mets


The Phillies are near the bottom in most offensive categories. The one exception is the power department where they've been in the middle of the pack so far, both in terms of Home Runs, and in the more comprehensive Isolated Power (i.e. the difference between batting average and slugging average).

The Mets are doing ok offensively, but only by comparison to the Phillies, and they also are near the bottom in most stats.


Phillies Hitting Stats
Mets Hitting Stats


Phillies pitching is 5th in the NL in both total runs allowed per game, and ERA. And that's despite a bullpen that has improved lately but is still below average. The starting rotation meanwhile has the 4th lowest ERA, but even better, and arguably more importantly, the 2nd lowest FIP and the lowest xFIP in the NL. As a result they still have the highest WAR (per fangraphs) of any rotation in all MLB, and by a decent margin (for such a small sample):

Phillies 2.6
White Sox 2.1
Mets 2.0

Phillies pitchers also lead the NL in both strikeouts per 9 innings (10.1), and the strikeout ratio, K-ing 27.3% of the batters they've faced.

As expected the Mets' great rotation is also near the top in WAR, as well as FIP and xFIP.

And their staff as a whole ranks just behind the Phillies in both K/9 and K%.


Phillies Pitching Stats
Mets Pitching Stats