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New-look Phillies sporting literal new look

Who is ready for some SLIGHTLY ALTERED CLOTHING to start the season?!

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Two months ago, the Phillies unveiled that along with their red pinstripes for home games, classic greys for away games, and cream-colored, blue-fringed home day game garments, they will also wear something else for some other reason.

The fan response was undeniable, and experts have agreed across the board that the uniforms are indeed red. Six games meet whatever the qualifications the Phillies have selected for the wearing of the new threads. It's a thrilling addition to an anticipated season at Citizens Bank Park.

But the keen eye of other fans led to Paul Lukas at ESPN's Uni Watch account pointing out that there's a difference in the Phillies' everyday uniforms as well.

Most recent Phillies uniforms alterations have involved the addition and subtraction of various patches to memorialize iconic figures within the organization. Despite the jarring nature of the change, this shocking development has yet to leave people as rattled as the red uniforms, but perhaps this is due to the mystery as to what the Phillies are really trying to say by fattening their letters.

Is this a statement to the rest of baseball? "Gone are the days of our withered, feeble attempts at baseball; join us in welcoming a corpulent age of reckoning in the NL East." Or perhaps, "Brighter days are ahead and no symbol embodies that more than the abandonment of our older, faded uni-font in favor of this calligraphy, bursting with life!" Better still, "The letters take up more of the blank white space on the uniforms, which of course means that we are telling you the blank, ambiguous future we once imagined is now slightly fuller of new Phillies baseball."

When pressed for comment, the Phillies probably just shrugged and read magazine while Lukas moved on to more important matters.