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Phillies bullpen is NOT proof of tanking. Felske Files Episode 43

On Episode 43 of The Felske Files, host John Stolnis talks to Crashburn Alley's Editor-in-Chief Corinne Landrey about the first week of the Phillies 2016 season, the horrific bullpen, a struggling offense and much more.

I don't want to say "I told you so," but... well... I did.

In the infancy stages of the 2016 Phillies season, things are pretty much going how we thought they'd go. The Phils are struggling to score runs, the starting pitching has been mostly decent and the bullpen has been a raging inferno of bad. The Phils blew two leads in the eighth inning or later in their first two games of the season, and didn't hit for much either.

Joining me to talk about the rocky start to the season is the new editor-in-chief of Crashburn Alley, Corinne Landrey. We talk about the bullpen, the offense, the amazing Maikel Franco, the competence of Aaron Nola and who the Phils might be looking at with their top pick in this summer's MLB draft.

In addition, this edition of The Felske Files covers some potential realignment ideas, Jim Thome's Wall of Fame induction, the possibility of a Franco contract extension, and our Stat of the Week.

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