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Phillies Minor League Stats - Batters

Stats for the season to date for Phillies minor leaguers - part 1: position players

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Below are all position players who with either 40+ plate appearances or were listed in Matt Winkleman's preseason top 50 (rankings on that list in the far left column). Pitcher stats will follow later in the week.

They are split into two groups, first all players who are primarily first basemen or outfielders, and then the catchers and the rest of the infielders.

Outfielders, First Basemen


Some notes:

Tommy Joseph at Lehigh Valley and Dylan Cozens at Reading continue to hit.
Zack Coppola at Lakewood is currently the only outfielder in the system with a .900+ OPS, though that .468 BABIP is going to cool off.
Cornelius Randolph hasn't gotten going yet at Lakewood
Carlos Tocci has struggled so far this year in Clearwater after spending the second half of 2015 there.

Catchers, Infielders


Besides Jorge Alfaro, who is back off the DL and will look to keep his hot hitting going...

Josh Tobias is following up a strong short-season last year (.321/.362/475) by hitting even better at Lakewood.
Mitch Walding is having a breakout season in Clearwater despite a high K rate.
J.P. Crawford is walking an impressive 19% of the time, more than he's striking out.

Particularly for minor leaguers, recent trends can show a different, and just as important, view of their development, but we'll leave that for discussion in the comments.

For reference:

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